Monday, April 11, 2011

Welcome Spring

Spring Fever 
n. A feeling of restlessness, excitement, or laziness brought on by the coming of spring.

With the warmer temperatures and sunny days, it may be becoming more difficult to ensure that your students' remain motivated and focused on school work.  Here are a few suggestions of how to handle a reluctant student in the Spring.
1.  Give in:  It may be surprising, but allowing your children to get outside and play for about 20 minutes before siting down to complete assignments will do more good than harm.  2.  Set up a schedule:  If your child has an end-of-year book report or project, use a big calendar to assign goals for each day and check them off as completed.  3.  Reward for completing a big project:  Choose a summer activity that you can plan with your child to enjoy when school is finished for the year.4.  Outdoor reading spot:  Set up a comfy chair and a glass of lemonade for your child to enjoy while reading or completing assignments.  5.  Celebrate:  Celebrate your child's accomplishments more often and make privileges easier to earn.  Yet, don't make the reward staying up late or anything that would work against your child at school.  

It is very important that parents ensure their students stay on task of studying and completing assignments during this time of year.   A strong grade in a class right now could decrease rapidly if students burn out too quickly.  I encourage all parents to be aware of the "spring fever" phenomenon because it try does exist.

A tutor can be a great way to help a student stay motivated in school.  Visit for more information about finding the perfect tutor for your child.

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