Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What kind of learner are you?

There are many different ways that students can study for tests and quizzes.  Finding the most effective way to learn for each student is the most important component of developing a study plan.  What kind of learner are you?

1.  Visual Learner?  You learn best by seeing the information.  You might learn material just by reading the book or looking over your notes.  Pictures, charts, and graphs in books help you grasp the concept quickly.  When taking a test, if you can visualize where in your notes or where on a page in the textbook the information was located, you will find the answer.

2.  Auditory Leaner?  You learn best by hearing the information.  This is the ideal learner for a traditional classroom situation where the teacher talks and talks, dispensing material verbally.  You might consider recording what your teacher says in classroom and then listening to the material again at home.  Talking through the material helps this style learner grasp the concepts more quickly.

3.  Kinesthetic or Tactile Learner?  You learn best by moving, doing, or touching the material.  This student learns best through a hands-on approach.  When studying, re-copying notes sometimes works for this kind of learner.  Also, creating flashcards and re-arranging them in different categories can be helpful.  When studying math, re-doing homework problems can help solidify content.  This student needs to be actively engaged in the material.  For this type of student, moving while studying can be helpful as well as taking breaks often.

Once you have determined what type of learner you are, you should be able to study much more effectively and have more academic success with the correct strategies for your learning style.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Aim for the Stars Tutoring is on YouTube

I have created my first "advertisement" and posted it on youtube.  It is pretty basic, but it gets the information across.  It will be fun to see how my videos for Aim for the Stars Tutoring change over the years.  Check it out:

Aim for the Stars Tutoring youtube video

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Waiting for Superman (a documentary on education in America)

I just watched the trailer for this movie about the education system in America and how it is oftentimes broken.  This is a documentary about a nation that claims to leave no child behind, but seems to be doing so at an alarming rate despite politician's promises to do otherwise.  The movie comes out on September 24.  I'll be seeing this one.  Here's the link for the trailer: