Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tutor Highlight - Nancy Hansen Zuschlag

Nancy Hansen Zuschlag has a wide breadth of experience teaching at multi-levels, from K- 12 to college, especially with tutoring/teaching children at the elementary and intermediate levels of K – 8. She is a 20+ year fabulous and engaging
instructor for children in multiple teaching styles, advising, and coordination for education programs that serve and promote small group and one-to-one advancement of learning for the whole child. Her areas of expertise are: sciences and labs, reading comprehension, writing composition, social studies/cultural geography, arts and languages. Nancy taught both university and elementary education in Colorado, New Jersey, Missouri and Kansas, California and abroad in Europe, as well as in multi-lingual classrooms. Throughout her many years as a professional educator, she worked at private schools in Colorado, and in the Cherry Creek, Jefferson County and Douglas County school districts. Her positions have included classroom educator, one-on-one advisor and tutor, program team member, faculty, adjunct faculty and instructor at several colleges and universities including: The University of Kansas, The University of Copenhagen, The Royal Danish School of Education and Teacher Training- Environmental Education Dept., Colorado State University, National Wildlife Federation, the Colorado School of Mines, William Woods College, the University of Northern Colorado, and Metro State College.  Nancy taught science and ecology courses, self-esteem and small group leadership, writing and reading comprehension and skill building, Gifted and Talented, and ESL in cooperation with Jefferson County Schools, Arapahoe County Schools, Cherry Creek Schools, Douglas County Schools; the Missouri, Colorado and New Jersey Divisions of Wildlife and Conservation, 4-H, Camp Fire Boys and Girls, Girl Scouts, Heartlight Girls, Science Matters, U.S. and State Forest Services, Denver Water, the National Wildlife Federation, EPA, and the museum education departments at the California Academy of Sciences, University of Kansas Dyche Museum, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and the Stockholm (Sweden), Copenhagen (Denmark) Zoological Museums, Gardens & Aquaria. She developed and translated teaching materials, taught K-12 students of all skill levels, and trained teachers at school districts, wildlife agency and nature/science centers throughout the U.S., in Europe, and S. American.

Aim for the Stars is proud to present Nancy Hansen Zuschlag as one of our premier tutor/educators. Her engaging and accepting teaching styles and broad experiences make her a uniquely qualified tutor/instructor who is knowledgeable, serious, fun and dedicated to your child's advancement in learning and parents' support of that advanced learning.

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