Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Summer Tutoring?

School is almost out for summer!   As a parent, I'm sure many thoughts are running through your mind such as:
"How am I going to keep these kids busy all summer?"
"I cannot believe how expensive these summer camps are."
"Where should we take the kids for a summer trip?"
"I can't believe how much these kids eat!"

Has the question, "should my child do tutoring over the summer," entered your thoughts yet?  Maybe it should.  I'm guessing that for most students tutoring over the summer sounds like about the worst idea any parent has ever had in the history of the world!  Summer tutoring isn't as bad as it might sound at first.

1.  The pressure of getting good grades is gone!  A student can learn for the sake of learning.  There is no test on Monday, no report due, and no presentation for which to prepare.  A student can work on his math skills, reading skills, or writing skills without the academic year stressors.

2.  Your child might just get ahead!  Wouldn't it feel wonderful for your child and you to start the school year off with confidence?  Sometimes when students go back to school in August, they feel like they have forgotten everything.  They may have forgotten a lot (see reason #3).  If a student has had the opportunity to continually work on her math facts and arithmetic all summer long, the nervousness at the beginning of the year will be minimized significantly.  If a student finishes the year where she needs to be, she could work ahead along with her tutor to really be prepared for next year.

3.  Summer Learning Loss  is real.  Study after study has shown how much students forget over the summer months.  Just read the statistics below.

We would love to help your child over the summer months.  Please let us know how we can partner with your family to help prevent summer learning loss and start the next school year with confidence!

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